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Motivation for an athlete

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Please provide a basic outline of how I should format this paper. Any help will be much appreciated.

1. Consider an athlete whom you believe is low in motivation or whose motivation has waned in recent time.

2. Briefly describe what information supports your belief that the athlete you have selected is low in motivation?

3. In light of the seven fundamental motivational principles proposed by Metzler (2002) how would you explain his/her low motivation or change in motivation?

4. What are two possible strategies that you might employ to assist this athlete?

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Since you have chosen this question, I assume that you have an athlete in mind that you think is low on motivation or waned in motivation in recent times. That is the first step in this exercise. If you do not have an athlete in mind, you may have to research several athletes to determine what their motivational level is and who fits the criteria for low motivation as described by Metzler (2000).

You have not stated the length requirements, so I will make suggestions that are general in terms of layout and organization. The questions are straight forward and to the point and offer you a good organizational scheme for your essay. Depending on the required length of the essay, I would suggest that you give about the same attention to each of the three questions. Of course, this only applies if your professor has not suggested something other. The third question may be a bit shorter as it is calling for only two strategies.

Without writing your essay for you, the format may look something like this:

Possibly begin with a statement about motivation that has power and draws the reader's attention and interest. Then I suggest something to this effect...

After researching several athletes, (name of the athlete) seems to fit the criteria of an ...

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