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    Sports Psychology

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    Provide a general overview of sport psychology. Explain one principal area of focus (motivation, self-confidence, or stress and anxiety) and provide an example of the application of this concept to sport coaching.

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    Sport psychology is the psychological discipline which is used to enhance the performance, development, social interaction within the particular sport being engaged both on the individual as well as the organizational level and the psychological well being of athlete under competitive stress, physical, emotional and societal stress. It is used to develop proficiency and optimal performance in the athletes chosen sport. Additionally, the American Psychological Association ( APA) recognizes sport psychology as a field of practice which requires a doctoral degree in one of the primary areas of psychology such as clinical, developmental, and all other associated areas and licensure as a psychologist.

    Principal Area of Focus:

    One of the main tenets of sports is moral reasoning, judgment, and action in sport. In this framework the athlete is pressured into being moral; that is to say. honest and sportsman like; one sees in all sports the good sportsman rule as mirrored by the common statement "don't be a sore loser" or when a sports figure is involved in immoral acts such as Mike Tyson, (sexual assault) Kobe Bryant (infidelity), Pete Rose (gambling), or Mark McGuire (performance enhancing drugs) whether the accusations are based in fact or fabrication is many times irrelevant. Many times the athlete does not have to be ...

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    The area of sports psychology is an ever growing field and there are multiple facets and disciplines associated with its application. This submission describes the aspect of morality and motivation within the framework of sports psychology.