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    Special needs support

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    Why is it necessary for child development specialists to assist parents and children in identifying and accessing services? What client rights must you protect when discussing the case with members of other social service agencies? Explain reasons why families might not accept the assistance that agencies offer.

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    Kids with Special Needs

    'Special Needs' (SN) denotes a host of functional, cognitive, physical, emotional and clinical disabilities among people. They can range from mild learning disabilities to severe mental retardation. It could also mean mild allergies to terminal illness, developmental delays or severe entrenchment from mild panic attacks to debilitating psychiatric issues. When a child has special needs, it denotes that the child can be defined by what it can't do - banned foods, denied experiences, unmet developmental goals, among others. All these are extra challenging for families and can hit them hard bas activities of parents and siblings must consider, even revolve around that of the child with 'special needs'. Psychologically, it can affect parents and many mourn lost potential over time. Consider the parent of an autistic child for example - many will wish that their child was normal, that they can interact with the child as other families do and have the same hopes and dreams other parents have for their own kids. Parents do not only worry for their children at present, they also worry how they would cope in the future without their parents or ...

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