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    Classical Conditioning Review Exercises

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    I. Chart the classical conditioning paradigm as above:

    1. Han moves into a new apartment. Soon afterward, he is taking a shower when he hears his son flush thetoilet and the water suddenly becomes extremely hot, causing him to jump. After a few flushings duringhis showers, Han notices a change in his behavior: He jumps and experiences fear whenever he hears a toilet flushing.

    2. Becca thought her fish were boring. They became active when she fed them; but the rest of the time,all they did was hide behind rocks or sit at the bottom of the tank. So she decided that when she fed the fish, she would tap on the cover of the aquarium. After pairing the tapping with the feeding for several weeks, Becci found that when she tapped on the cover, the fish swam to the top of the aquarium and were very active.

    3. Luis came down with a stomach virus one day last month. For dinner that night, he ate lasagna.The next morning, he was extremely sick to his stomach. He now starts to feel sick to his stomach if he just smells lasagna.

    4. A rabbit is brought into a laboratory and it initially shows no reaction when a loud tone is sounded.Later, however, the tone is paired with a puff of air in the animal's eye. Every time the tone sounds,a puff of air occurs and the animal blinks. After many pairings, the rabbit blinks when the tone occurs without the puff of air.

    5. You have had several painful xperiences with the dentist's drill. Now, your stomach starts to hurtwhen you are simply sitting in the lobby waiting for your name to be called.

    6. Your boyfriend (or girlfriend) used to wear a very unique cologne. Even though you broke up 6 monthsago, you still get a warm feeling on the rare occasion when you smell the cologne on a stranger.

    I am having trouble with application problems such as these. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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