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Diversity Issues in the American Workplace

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What is diversity? What are some diversity issues found in the workplace and in American society?

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The literal definition of diversity is "different". In America, this term usually refers to differences among people. Generally, when people talk about the concept of diversity, they are implying that differences should not be simply tolerated, but they should be respected and celebrated.

Diversity refers to many human differences. Often, people use this term to refer to racial differences. For example, many schools pride themselves on being "diverse" if they have students who are both Caucasian and African American. However, true diversity refers to differences that go beyond skin color. These differences can include gender, age, culture, physical or cognitive abilities, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and economic status, just to name a few.

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This answer defines the term "diversity" and lists and discusses several issues related to diversity in the American workplace.

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