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    Diversity in the Workplace

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    This posting selects an article that addresses diversity in the workplace. it determines how supervisors can use this information regarding diversity in the workplace.

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    As you consider sources, you might select the article called "As Diversity Grows, So Must We" by Gary R Howard. The article derives from Educational Leadership's Volume 64, Issue 6. It is found in the 3/1/07 edition. Please use APA format to cite your article.

    First, you might suggest that Howard asserts that because American schools are experiencing rapid demographic shifts, leaders are experiencing challenges with staff, students, parents, and the communities at large. In order to meet these challenges, Howard's article suggests five phases of professional development for leaders to apply. This formula is much like a recipe. It is based not just on theories but also practical applications. I think that it ...

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    This posting helps to summarize an article about leadership and diversity.