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Clinical Psychology: Coopersmith Self-esteem Inventory

1. Describe and evaluate the norm group. Do you think it is representative? Do you think the norm group is current? Do you believe the size of the norm group was large enough/ Is the same related to the population you intend to use the test with. EXPLAIN.

2. Describe and evaluate each method used to estimate reliability. Does the reliability evidence support a decision to use the instrument? Explain.

3. Describe and evaluate each type of validity evidence. Does the validity evidence support a decision to use the instrument? Explain.

4. Describe the practical aspects of the instrument.

5. Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the inventory.

6. Based on your review of the SII, would you adopt this instrument? Explain your answer.

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The SEI was administered to 643 public school children in grades 3-8. The sample consisted primarily of students from the lower and middle upper socioeconomic ranges. The test manual stated that "a considerable number of Spanish surnamed and Black children were included in the sample. The manual strongly recommends that users develop local norm groups.

The test-retest reliability coefficient after a 5 wk. interval (with a sample of 30 5th graders) was .88. ...

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This solution discusses the validity and reliability of the Coopersmith Self-esteem Inventory