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Operant Conditioning

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Compare and contrast reinforcement and punishment during your discussions
in dealing with operant conditioning

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Operant conditioning is important in regards to reinforcement and punishment. Reinforcement is used well by using the stimulus-response. This helps to strengthen the response the individual or researcher is wanting at that time. A person can easily do this by using praise, receiving an excellent grade on a homework assignment, and a sense of accomplishment. When one uses any of these, then they are able to make positive changes in their life. For example, say a student is struggling in their English, and in dire need of encouragement through practicing the language. Each time the individual uses it right, then they are able to let the other person know through praise, or providing a sticker by congratulating them for their hard work in order to give them a sense of accomplishment. Another instance is that of a ...

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This solution compared and contrasted reinforcement and punishment in dealing with operant conditioning.