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    Definitions of terms relating to the brain

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    Please provide definitions and explanations for the following terms:

    - Neurons
    - Axion, Dendrites, Milean Sheath
    - White Matter/Gray Matter
    - Synamptic Gap
    - Neurotransmitters and Receptor Sites
    - Three Types of Neurons: Sensory, Motor, Interneurons

    - How we study the Brain
    - Brodmann's Areas
    - Reptilian Brain, Limbic Brain, Neocortex --> Evolution of the Brain

    - False Memories
    - What are they?
    - How might they be introduced?
    - What makes a false memory more/less believable?

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    Neurons - Basic nerve cells that are the building blocks for the nervous system. They transmit information throughout the body

    Axion - The brain and spinal cord

    Dendrites - Branches off of a neuron that conduct stimulation received from other cells; they look like tree branches off of the cell

    Myelin Sheath - An electrically insulating material that forms a layer; usually around the axon of a neuron

    White Matter - One of the two components of the central nervous system; transmits signals from the white matter to the gray matter in the brain

    Gray Matter - One of the two components of the central nervous system; portion of the brain responsible for muscle control and sensory perception (seeing, hearing, memory, emotion and speech)

    **For both of these, here is an example. Looking at these two parts as a computer network, the gray matter would be like an actual computer and the white matter would be like the cables connecting the computers ...

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