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Neurons and Photreceptors in the Brain

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Suppose you are looking at a ball. A rich chain of events starts within your eyes. Explain the details of this chain of events, identify each of its components and the roles they play, and finally say which components of light contribute to which components of color. Demonstrate a knowledge of the entire process by providing definitions for key terms.

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I am Dr. Stephanie. So, Let's start off with the basics of optic perception, which will help you proces this question. Experience helps us fine tune objects. Therefore, we can fine tune what we are seeing even if it may be, in fact a little blurry or the stimulus is questionalble to the eye. Additionally, experience lets us know when we see danger, food, and other needs. What we are looking at here as far as the concept is called Object recognition. This is the ability to see an object as well as place a label to it and know you are able to organize it. Visual perception is the ability to take the things that have been ...

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This solution discusses visual receptor sites and neurons and photoreceptors in the brain.