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Sensory Perception

Imagine this scenario: You are boiling water on the stove and reach over to turn the burner off. In doing so, your arm brushes against the hot kettle and your skin gets burned. You feel the pain and pull your arm back with a loud exclamation.
Write a description of what just happened from the perspective of your nervous system. What parts of the brain and spinal cord and nervous system were involved? Attempt to put in order the sequence of events that lead up to your exclamation.

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The sensation of pain you feel begins with activation of sensory neurons in your skin. These neurons contain "pain receptors" known as nociceptors (nociception means "feeling pain"). These receptors reside on peripheral neurons whose fibers enter the spinal cord, and then synapse onto neurons in the spinal cord. The neurons containing nociceptors are called first-order neurons.

First order neurons transmit the pain signal to several other neurons in the spinal cord. One is an ...

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The solution provides advise and insight into brain function that allows for human beings to recognize and feel pain.