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Behavior Analysis Methodology

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Choose a hypothetical client, or a client you have actually worked with; if the latter, do not give any identifying information about that actual client (e.g., change their name, their age, and their location). Give an example of three different target behaviors in your chosen client: one you would like to increase, another you would like to maintain, and a third you would like to decrease. Discuss the importance of making sure that the target behaviors are specific, observable, and measurable. What method of recording and reporting the target behaviors would you use, and why did you select this method over other methods?

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A target behavior that I would like for this client to increase would be for this client to increase the level of courteous and respectful interaction that they have with others. A target behavior that I would like for this client to maintain, would be the self-discipline that they display in ensuring that essential tasks at the workplace and at their ...

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This solution describes an effective behavior analysis methodology.

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Functional Behavior Assessment Articles

1. Take a look at the following article from the Kaplan Library where a functional behavioral assessment was conducted:
Alter, P.J., Conroy, M.A., Mancil, G.R., & Haydon, T. (2008) A comparison of functional behavior assessment methodologies with young children: Descriptive methods and functional analysis. Journal of Behavioral Education, 17, 200-219.
Describe and identify the specific assessment measures that were used in the study. Why were these particular assessment measures used in the study you selected? Describe the findings of the functional behavioral analysis. What specific assessment measures could you add or remove? Why?

2. Take a look at the following article from the Kaplan Library that evaluates an indirect method of assessment:
Caregivers' Agreement and Validity of Indirect Functional Analysis: A Cross Cultural Evaluation Across Multiple Problem Behavior Topographies; Viues-Ortega et al., J Autism Dev Disord (2011) 41:82-91
Discuss the pros and cons of the measure in terms of accuracy and reliability. Select another type of indirect method (structured interview, checklists, rating scale, questionnaire, etc.) and discuss for what purpose that assessment could be used.

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