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Shoppers-Naturalistic Observation

Market researchers have recently begun observing people shopping for new cars, using products such as laundry detergents, or eating ice cream at home. These researchers may ask permission to snoop in people's refrigerators or closets to see what things they contain.

List some advantages and disadvantages that this type of research might have over surveys of consumer attitudes.

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When consumers are asked to fill out a survey they might be leery to tell the truth about their shopping habits. Perhaps they feed their kids chicken nuggets coke and fries every night and are too embarrassed to admit that they do not provide their kids with fresh fruits and veggies. The whole premise of marketing research states that the results will be kept strictly anonymous and that a person's results won't be linked with their name. Consumers on the other hand might not believe this is the case and they want to keep their private life ...

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The expert examines shoppers-naturalistic observations. Te advantages and disadvantages of this type of research over surveys of consumer attitudes are determined.