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Could someone please help me understand the following:

Principles of test administration, scoring, and interpretation.
Fairness in testing.
Ensuring the rights of test takers are upheld.
Your responsibilities as a test user.

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Principles of test administration, scoring, and interpretation

People tend to incorrectly assume that the process of administering and interpreting a test is quite simple. The opposite is true. In fact, it is a serious process and must be approached as such. It is important, as the test administrator, to first examine every aspect of the test before actually delivering to the individual that you will be testing. This involves making sure that the test is complete, easy understood, measures exactly what the stated objectives are, and that all materials are present and accounted for at the time of the actual administration. Upon conclusion of the test, the administrator should ensure that they score it in a private and secure location. The test taker ...

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The principles of test administration, scoring and interpretations are given.