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History of the Brain Science

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Please go to the link below and read and review the "History of Brain Science." Post a summary focusing on something you have learned or found interesting about the material.

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A history of brain science is analyzed.

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The History of the Brain
This very intriguing presentation is very informative containing many new ideas concerning the history of the brain. It first starts with the origins of writings of the brain some 6000 years ago. PBS states that a unanimous author talks about the sensations caused by the poppy plant around this time. Around 2500 B.C. ancient Egyptians disposed of the brain during mummification because they considered it unimportant, and the heart was considered as the most important organ. Around 2000 B.C. it was found that many prehistoric men performed a form of brain surgery by boring a hole in the patient's skull. In around 450 B.C., a Greek physician dissected animals to discover theories concerning the brain. He was one of the first to suggest that the brain was the ...

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