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    Phineas Gage's brain injury and its implications

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    In addition to resources, this job summarizes Phineas Gage's injury to the frontal lobe of his brain, specifically the prefrontal cortex. It examines the executive functions associated with these regions. It briefly compares his life and functions before the accident as well as after the accident.

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    Hi... I went over some background on Phineas Gage, what his injury entailed, and what some of his behavioral symptoms were. I also included some hints on how to search for reputable information, like journals, which will help you do your assignment. Good luck...

    Phineas Gage

    Phineas Gage has a very important part in the history of psychology due to the fact that the damage he suffered to his brain was well documented as was his behavior before and after the traumatic event. There are many references that you can find on the ...

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    Phineas Gage's injury is briefly discussed in terms of the history of psychology. A few sources are also listed to guide users.