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    Neurotransmitters and its impact on depression

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    Discussion Topic 1 of 1 (Minimum 350 words & APA format References)
    Psychology professionals work with many different types of clients and have many different choices for treatment. What direction would you take with this client?
    Annette is a single female adult. She is 32 years old and reports that she is in good physical health. She has made an appointment with a psychologist because she has experienced a recent break-up in an 8-year intimate relationship. She reports the recent onset of having difficulty sleeping and concentrating at work. She admits to "having a drink at night to help her sleep." During the initial appointment, Annette discloses that she has a history of "feeling down" and further exploration yields information about her mother who was treated for depression by her family doctor when Annette was five.
    • Provide a Diagnosis using the DSM-5 for Annette.
    • Discuss the steps that you would take as a psychology professional in deciding if the following client should or should not be referred for a medication evaluation. Provide a rationale for your decision.
    • Explain the science of chemical neurotransmission and provide an analysis of the possible effects of each of the five (5) major neurotransmitters on Annette's mental state.

    Schatzberg, MD, Alan F. & Nemeroff, MD, Charles B. (2013). Essentials of Clinical Psychopharmacology.
    Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing

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    Case Study: Annette

    As you have not specified what aspects of this assignment you need clarification on and guidance in , I will give you an outline:

    1. Diagnosis-
    based on the one paragraph introduction to the case, it is not enough to formulate a diagnosis- therefore to advise the client for psychological evaluation is wise. Founded on results from the battery of tests, your diagnostic impression would be supported. As it stands with the paragraph, you only have suspicions and hypothesis.

    So to construct your diagnosis- select a battery of personality and intelligence test ie. Weschler or PAI , and conduct a thorough clinical interview. Based on your introduction, she has a family history of depression- her mother. But does she herself have a history of depression after relationship breakups? How are other relationships in her life, ie. siblings, parents, workmates? Are ...

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    A discussion of neurotransmitters and their role in depression are determined.