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Impact of Neurotransmitters on Physical and Mental Behavior

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For this assignment, you will identify four major neurotransmitters and:
Analyze the function of each of the four neurotransmitters.
Evaluate the impact of each of the four neurotransmitters on physical and mental behavior.

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The impact of neurotransmitters on physical and mental behaviors are determined.

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The Impact of Neurotransmitters on Physical and Mental Behavior:

Neurotransmitters are chemicals found at the end of the motor neurons which allows for the signals transmission over synapses to other available neurons in the brain. Through this form of transmission, the muscles fibers are stimulated which in turn controls an individual's physical and mental behavior. The neurotransmitters are produced by the pituitary and the adrenal glands (Pacheco, Riquelme & Kalergis, 2010). There are several neurotransmitters however; this document will identify four major neurotransmitters and at the same time analyze their functions and the impact they have on the mental and physical behavior of the individual.

Functions of the Neurotransmitters:

According to Boeree (2009), there are various major neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. These neurotransmitters have the capability of influencing the physical and mental behavior of humans in one way or the other. The acetylcholine ...

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