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managing Stress

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Write a minimum 5 pages reflection critical analysis' essay of "Health Matters: Stress Management ." This forum reflection should explore the understanding of human beings as agents promoting change to improve their quality of life and social environment.


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The Mind & the Body: A New View

The video showed an interview of Dr. Steven Hickman a psychologist by Dr. David Granet of the University of California. This video was an exploration of the connection of the mind and the body where the host and the interviewee explored the relationship of mind and body in relation managing one's mental and physical health. Hickman proposes that pain is complex and explains that what he does is assisting patients in managing physical pain because pain is relative to the context of the situation of the patient and there are varied factors involved. Physiologically - the pain is what is felt most whereas the other big factor, according to Hickman is the distress - these are built up by fear and feelings of uncertainty. While at times the pain could be bearable, the 'what ifs' aren't and this creates mental torture. Here, I believe is where Hickman is adopting the concept of dualism by Descartes. For Rene Descartes the mind and the body are separate parts of one. The mind is what allows him to be - he famously declared 'I think therefore I am', the mind constitutes the body allowing for control. But whatever the hurts the body has affects the mind and whatever thoughts the mind has affects the body - hence - the 'oneness'.

Now, Dr. Hickman declared that it was Eastern Medicine that proposed the connection between the mind and the body. Hinduism for example and Buddhism as well. The approach to 'curing' the mental state of a patient allows for the body to be better managed and to be able to adapt better to treatment. In India this is the very heart of the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient medical practice that has been proven to be effective time and again for centuries. The principles of Ayurveda are now openly adapted all over the West and ...

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The solution is a 1,277-word narrative that provides a critical study of stress management and a proposed perspective in relation to this in the form of the ideas of psychologist Dr. David Hickman. His mind & body view as well as his ideas on the quality of life and the social environment is included in the discussion. References are listed to show resources and to allow students room for further research.

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