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Training Program to Deal with Multicultural Issues

The new director of training is delighted to report that he has developed a training committee consisting of one staff member, the school counselor, two teachers and two parents. They have developed two trainings: The differences between "collectivistic and individualistic cultures" and training involving a series of role plays for teachers on who to handle behavioral issues that seem to be the result of a multicultural issue. His data is on a spreadsheet (see attached) and includes the dates of training, the training program, the number in the group, and for each participant, several ratings of satisfaction. Your Acme Corporation Behavioral Health supervisor needs the data aggregated and summarized to identify the trends.

You will need to use an excel spreadsheet to aggregate the data. At a minimum, total appropriate measures and use percentages as needed to show differences in groups of individuals.

Summarize the data in a paragraph or two with a conclusion about the training efforts and recommendations as needed.

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For the basics of multiculturalism, I have calculated two measures, average satisfaction and median satisfaction level. If we observe the average satisfaction levels for all the three classes, we observe that the 6 P.M. class on 10/5/2008 comprising solely of parents had the highest satisfaction average as compared to the other two classes comprising of all types of participants. ...

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Evaluation of training program related to dealing with multicultural issues.