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    employee development program

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    1- What are the elements of an effective employee development program?

    2- How can programs be designed to promote and encourage employee commitment to the organization?

    3- What are the challenges and opportunities presented by cultural diversity?

    4- How would the process of designing an effective employee development program change for multinational organizations?

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    1- What are the elements of an effective employee development program?

    Elements of an effective employee development program are:

    Stress training as investment. The reason training is often considered optional at many companies is because it is thought of as an expense rather than an investment. While it's true that training can be costly upfront, it is a long-term investment in the growth and development of your human resources.

    Determine your needs. As you probably don't have unlimited time or funds to execute an employee training program, it is important to decide early on what the focus of your training program should be. Determine what skills are most pertinent to address current or future company needs or that will provide the biggest payback. Ask yourself "How will this training eventually prove beneficial to the company?"

    Promote a culture of learning. In today's fast-paced economy, if a business isn't learning, it's going to fall behind. A business learns as its people learn. Communicate your expectations that all employees should take the necessary steps to hone their skills and stay on top of their professions or fields of work. Make sure you support those efforts by providing the resources needed to accomplish this goal.

    Get management on board. Once you have developed a prioritized list of training topics that address key needs within your company, it's important to convince management to rally behind the initiative.

    Start out small. Before rolling out your training program to the masses, rehearse with a small group of users and gather their feedback. This sort of informal benchmarking exposes weaknesses in your training plans and helps you fine-tune the training process.

    Choose quality instructors and materials. Who you select to conduct the training will make a major difference in ...

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    What are the elements of an effective employee development program?