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How Our Perceptions of Each Other Change Online vs. Face-to-Face

Describe the effects that verbal and nonverbal communication can have on people's perceptions of each other when they are face to face and when they are in an online environment. Include suggestions for how people can improve how others perceive them when communicating in an online environment. Please support your statements with at least two examples.

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Verbal communication can affect people's perceptions of each other. When we meet someone for the first time who gives out a warm smile and a friendly greeting , we automatically think "What a nice person." Should that person continue to be that way and you respond in kind a friendship may develop.If we speak to someone for the first time who responds with a nasty or rude tone of voice we are not as likely to think that the person is nice. But this may be an incorrect perception, because the person may be speaking that way because he/she is upset or lonely. If we hear a person speak in a low meek voice that person is likely to be seen as timid and meek, when possibly that is just his/her natural voice. A person who speaks fast is usually seen as a nervous person. If a person does not say what they mean to say and instead says ...

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