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Needs Analysis for a Sales Representative

How do you design a needs analysis for a sales representative?

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1. How to design a needs analysis for a sales representative.

One of the major challenges of a needs analysis is finding methods of uncovering the information. Here are six different ways to consider, but clearly some methods fit better for the needs analysis of a sales representative:

1) Interviews. Conduct formal interviews with as many people who have information to share as possible. Typically, these people would include the sponsor, subject matter experts, and prospective learners. Other stakeholders probably have an interest in the learning product, too. When an interviewer gains the trust of the interviewee, much information is exchanged. But the information is all biased, from the viewpoint of the interviewee.

2) Focus groups. Focus groups are a special type of interview, in which you interview 8 people who are demographically similar at a single time. The focus group usually lasts 2 hours, and can cover 3 to 5 questions. An outside facilitator usually leads the focus group, and makes ...

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