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    Determining the Fault of a Slump in the Sales Curve

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    A large corporation notices an irregular decrease in the sales of a particular representative. The sales rep, normally in very high standing among other salespeople and quotas, has of late failed to achieve her own quota. What can be done by the sales manager to determine whether the slump in the sales curve is the responsibility of the representative or due to things beyond her control?

    (Chapter 13: Page 425 #2) Sales Force Management 10th edition

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    There are a few steps the manager should take, in this situation. The manager should discuss the issue with the sales representative. One of the first line responses for a manager is to effectively communicate with subordinates. The manager should act professionally, ethically, and sensitively when the issue ...

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    This solution discusses the steps that can be taken to determine if a slump in sales is the responsibility of the representative or due to things beyond the salesperson's control. A thorough discussion is provided.