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effective techniques of appraising performance

Within your place of work as well as utilizing outside research, what are some effective techniques of appraising performance? Do you think your workplace employs good performance appraisal techniques? If yes please describe them and if not please critique these appraisal techniques.

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The organization for which I work employs an annual performance evaluation tool that, while it has an organization wide format, is specific to each particular job. Department Directors are responsible for reviewing the tools annually to ensure that competencies Employees are expected to meet as part of their job fulfillment are appropriate to the jobs. The tool itself is divided into three parts: Department Specific Responsibilities, Organization Wide Responsibilities, Goals.
The Department Specific and Organization Wide sections are then broken down into several sections (Customer Service, Education, Safety, etc.) where each competency or expectation is rated on a ...

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Effective techniques of appraising performance are noted.