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Defining Mental Health

Please help me to understand the difference between good mental health and poor mental health. Explain two ways your own culture influences your definitions of mental health. Then explain how your definition of mental health might differ from that of your selected culture. Finally, describe a behavior that is considered normal in your culture but would be considered abnormal in the culture you selected.

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In this particular task, you are being asked to relate definitions and meanings of 'mental health' as depicted by popular literature and culture. This outline should help:
1. Mental health - definition in literature, in your culture (2 ways), 100 words
2. Difference with another culture- 100 words
3. Normal behavior in own culture & perception in another - 100 words
Remember that culture impact worldviews - what we see as 'normal', what we see as deviant. Meaning of our world is impacted by our culture as culture is a standard by which we judge the world. You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic. The information below should get you started. This information exemplifies ideas that can be useful to you.

On Mental Health & Culture
What is mental health? Essentially, mental health is the state of psychological well-being of a person. 'Good' mental health means that the individual is 'well', there is an absence of psychological disorders, where the person's emotions and way of thinking is balanced so that inspite of the stresses of his or her life, the psyche of the individual is resilient and is able to ...

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The solution defines mental health and the differences between good and poor mental health.