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    Cultural Issues & Law Enforcement

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    how would you recommend addressing social and cultural norms that adversely affect the relationship between law enforcement and the citizens they are to serve and protect? There definitely has to be an exerted on both sides and should be an ongoing process.

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    Culture and Policing

    Policing requires interaction and cooperation with the population one serves. This means reckoning with the culture of the people within that population - they can be one singular cultural tradition or in the case of modern America, a community can be multicultural as people come from a myriad of cultures, ethnicities and practices even if they identify as one singular community - their uniting factor (as in the case of cosmopolitan cities like New York. The socialization and cultural practices and beliefs of people can become a barrier to effective law enforcement. Of import is the subject of cross-cultural communications and relations - the idea that police/law enforcement will have to deal with differences in cultural beliefs in practices other than their own. Beliefs, practices, traditions - all these, if unfamiliar, or indeed deemed problematic to the eyes of the law and the culture and beliefs practiced by the majority and seen as standard creates conflict and leads to issues in law ...

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