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Jose comes from a Mexican chauvinist culture where men are the head of the house, and strict, obedient child rearing is the norm. Emily, on the other hand, has an American view that children should be given choices instead of being told what to do. Jose does not feel respected because Emily always argues with what he says the children should do. Emily feels undervalued, as she is a stay at home mom, and believes that she, too, has a say in how her children are raised.

1.) Using a solution-focused approach, what kind of treatment should be set in place for the couple?
2.) Do any axis codes apply to this situation?

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1.) Using a solution-focused approach, what kind of treatment should be set in place for the couple?

Solution-focused therapy (de Shazer & Berg, 1997 as cited in Archer & McCarthy, 2007) was designed to help clients arrive at solutions to their problems in only a few sessions. The therapy is focused on helping them utilize their strength in dealing with life challenges. The success is measured by the progress that clients make toward reaching their goals as opposed to the amount of times they spend in counseling. The following core concepts make up the solution-focused approach: (a) solutions are not related to the problem, (b) the process maintains a future orientation, (c) the focus is on strengths, (d) change is inevitable, (e) Not everything is negative, (f) there is no such thing as resistance, and (h) the process is focused on simplicity (pp. 388-389). Based on the solutions-focused approach, problems are not emphasized. The therapist operates under the assumption that the client has the internal resources to make the change that he or she wants to make (Archer & McCoy, 2007). The objective is to help the couple redefine what appears to be a problem so that the couple begins to think of a solution.

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This solution discusses a specific case study using the solution-focused approach, and presents Axis Codes for diagnosis and intervention.