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MRI approach to psychotherapy

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See the attached file.

1- Describe the basic premises of MRI approach to psychotherapy. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the implications of the basics premises of psychotherapy

2- Based on class discussion and reading of Anderson (and Freedman & Combs ), describe at least three of the general philosophical and therapeutical differences between postmodern approaches to psychotherapy (in general) and modernist approaches.
[Note attached find article /material to respond these questions.]

3- Describe the basic premises of Solution Focused Therapy. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the implications of the basic premises for psychotherapy.

4- Solution Focused Therapy was developed both inspired by, and in reaction to, the work of MRI school. Compare and contrast these approaches identifying both similarities & differences.

5- For each of the following types of Solution Focused questions, provide an example and state how that question might be useful in therapy:
a. miracle question
b. Pre session change question
c. Exception finding questions
d. Scaling Questions
e. Coping Questions

See the attached file:
Weakland, J, R Fisch, P Watzlawick, and A Bodin (1974) Brief Therapy: Focused Problem Resolution. Family Process, 13(2), 141-166.

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The following posting discusses the basic premises to the MRI approach to psychotherapy.

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