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    How Ben & Jerrys Uses Incentives and Benefits to Motivate

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    Motivational strategies-identify how Ben & Jerrys uses incentives and benefits to motivate employees.

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    One employee benefit is charitable cause support. Research shows that "If an employee feels there is a social cause that Ben & Jerry's should act on, he or she is encouraged to raise it with management, Ben & Jerry's Chief Euphoria Officer Walt Freese said last week at the Cause Marketing Forum Conference in New York" (http://promomagazine.com/news/cause0621/).

    For example, you might note how the company reacted based on employees' concerns "about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. The result was the creation of the world's largest Baked Alaska, made with Ben & Jerry's Fossil Fuel ice cream, which employees transported from Vermont to Washington, DC, and served on Earth Day in front of the White House. Also that weekend, participating scoop shops served a Baked Alaska sundae-a scoop of ice cream on top of a ...

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    This job examines how Ben & Jerrys uses incentives and benefits to motivate employees.