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    Anti-bullying Project Focusing on Bullying in Schools

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    Compare the component parts of the this Abstract. What stands out to you? How would you use that information in therapy? and why?
    Using solution focused brief therapy in individual referrals for bullying.

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    This abstract is basically about an anti-bullying project focusing on bullying in schools. Apparently, the project has been successful using a variety of interventions in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. The program was created in an attempt to provide an outlet to children who are victims of bullying. What stood out to me is where the abstract reports that a new key strategy has been developed, which is referred to as a support group in Brief Therapy. I think this is awesome. I am a firm believer in group therapy. Therefore, I would take this a step further and enhance it by making it a peer support group that incorporates children who have been ...

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    This solution discusses an anti-bullying project in schools.