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Intergovernmental Relations

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Identify the various actors of intergovernmental relations involved in the case.
In general, what does this case tell you about the complexity of IGR in this country and the work of public administrators in the 21st century? The first paper is upside down and cut off because the other material was from a previous assignment but is in the correct order, please let me know if you have any questions, thanks.

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Intergovernmental relations are identified. The complexity of IGR are determined.

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This assignment fits the last one on Wilson perfectly.

I found the complete article here:

The issue is that it was the bureaucracies that uncovered and reported on the massive amounts of pollution in the Wichita water. Once this pollution was discovered, banks stopped lending to businesses in the area, as their property values were going down.

The real issue is the financial, legal and moral responsibility of the business community for the pollution (if, in fact, they caused it).

The city was in trouble because a) no one really knew who would be ultimately responsible and b) banks stopped all economic expansion by forbidding any more lending until the issue was solved. This means that the city's tax base and economic future were equally uncertain.

One fear was the (federal) EPA - they have a reputation for inefficiency. They are expensive, and often farm their work out to private contractors. They constantly overcharge and it's tough to hold them accountable (see page 141).

So now, you have two government agencies of radically unequal power: the Kansas Department of Health and ...

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