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    Current Political Events in Syria

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    Draft a paper that critically analyzes a current, domestic or foreign political issue of importance to the United States.

    (1) Identify a current political event to analyze
    (2) Research and summarize the different approaches to understanding the political issue selected;
    (3) Provide a clear, personal analysis of the issue and an explanation of the core values and assumptions that informs their analysis.

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    Perhaps one of the biggest foreign political events facing the United States is the ongoing conflict in Syria. Many wonder why political events shaping other countries, particular on another continent, can have an impact on our own country. The reason is both complex, yet simple. The United States is unofficially labeled the 'leader of the free world'. When the freedoms of others, therefore, are threatened, then it is felt that America has the obligation to step in and do what is needed to resolve any issues that might be present. This has been seen countless times over the past few decades, and is certainly taking place now in Syria.
    There are political, religious, ethical, and human rights issues at play in Syria. Some would argue that the United States should let Syrians solve their own problems and that it has nothing to do with us. America did that for over a year, until the current regime reportedly began using chemical weapons on its own people. Silent no longer, America and France threatened almost immediate action in the form of military strikes within Syria. Russia entered and brokered a diplomatic deal that is still playing itself out today, but the political event still remains. The reality is the Syria has a divided populace and is mired in poverty, full of religious extremists, and possessing of a dictatorial government that America and much of the West, including Israel, would like to see removed from power. As one can see, it is a complex political event with no easy solution. To better understand and analyze this event, however, we must go back to the core of Islam - the guidance force behind Syrian culture and governance.
    There are many differences to be noted between political ideology that is religiously based, such as in much of the Arab world, and ideology that is bases on individual freedoms and rights, such as is ...

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    Discussion about the current conflict in Syria, its various causes and effects, and possible outcomes for America as it seeks to intervene.