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    Policy Change Strategies: Blunt Force & Joining Forces

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    Leaders, both elected and appointed, followed varied paths to securing the proposals they championed, sometimes accommodating competing interests and sometimes overcoming opposition by blunt force. But perhaps most often, the leaders persuaded the potential opposition to join the forces of reform. Indeed, if there is a single conclusion to come from this study of successful reforms, it is that leaders must find and use windows of opportunities to promote policy change. But how they make use of those windows of opportunity varies markedly.

    Which option of overcoming opposition to a proposed policy, blunt force or joining forces, do you think is best to use? Why or why not? Is timing a factor in your decision? Why or why not?

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    Overcoming Proposed Policy Changes

    Policies are positions and rules governing the way an organization is ruled and how it reacts to the world as it conducts its business and actions pursuant to its purpose. Governments for example have policies that govern various areas of government and administration. To put it in another way (Marsh, Daniel & Putnam, 2003), "Policy determines the way society organizes its resources, conducts its business, and expresses it's
    values." In a democratic society, the policies of government must be open and representative to the opinion and positions of the people. Thus, people should have a place in policymaking. As such policymaking government agencies and offices must be open to policymaking access by the people, whom they serve. Leaders of organizations, communities and politicians are aware that policymaking is a battleground and their primary purpose as leaders is to strive towards the creation or changing of existent policies to better serve the people they represent. Policies are not perfect and their value and relevance change in accordance with social conditions. As such, ...

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