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force field analysis

The use of force field analysis will help the consultants to demonstrate the range of forces pressing on an organization at a particular time. The analysis can increase organization optimism that is possible to strategize and plan for change. As a consultant should apply Lewins theory to your work. To demonstrate you understand how to do that:

The paper should consist of 3 pages double spaced, Think of a problem you are now experiencing It could be work related or from your personal life.

Describe the problem briefly.
Describe how you would want to improve.
List all the forces that you see as driving toward change.
List all the forces that you see as restraining change.
Discuss the strength of the forces. Which are mostly likely to change?)
What strategies would you use to move the situation from the stats quo?
(add driving forces?) (reduce resisting forces?)

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Describe the problem briefly.
The problem is that the employees in my company are leaving quickly. The retention rate is low and the turnover is high. This causes several difficulties. The employees join competitors and strengthen them. It becomes difficult to replace them with suitable candidates and finally it becomes very costly to train the new employees. The company loses business because important positions are suddenly vacant or new employees have not yet been fully trained.
It has become difficult to attract high quality candidates for the positions that are vacant in the company and for months important positions remain vacant. The existing employees have to be paid overtime to fill up for the work. Even then there is a large opportunity cost for the lost productivity. As there is shortage of suitable employees, it is important to retain those that have been selected, recruited and trained.

Describe how you would want to improve.
I would like to improve by removing the causes of high turnover. For example, if there are any work related factors that make the employees unhappy, I will remove these. My company makes hand forged agricultural implements. I would also like to address the issue of compensation and make sure that the employees are paid satisfactorily so that they do not leave the company. I would also like to improve the working conditions so that these are not healthy or unsafe. I also like to introduce psychological ...

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