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Africa's Success in joining the Global Economy is Reform

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The key to Africa's success in joining the global economy is reform. Foreign countries need to feel confident that a government and set of laws are in place that will allow them to operate smoothly and profitably. For example, take a look at the unrest in Nigeria and its impact on oil supplies as an example of what can go wrong.

Choose an African country and cite at least one reform that the country has made recently. Explain what problem the reform was designed to remedy and how this reform affects foreign companies doing business in Africa.

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Africa's success in joining the Global Economy is reformed.

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There are two forces at work in the global economy and sometimes the forces conflict with one another. Nations have no choice, however, but to operate in the global economy. Every day, more and more challenges emerge, but greater economic dependence and collaboration are also necessary. Nations have to be cordial with their competition, and with one another. South Africa's agriculture and land reform is a good example.

In 1994, whites owned 87 percent of agricultural ...

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