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    Management evaluation for WalMart and Sears

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    Please help me with a project by answer the following:
    For Walmart highlight:
    - Demonstrated capability in managing change in human resources practices.

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    As part of the managing change process, Wal-Mart uses a number of job design and stress management solutions to motivate its employees. The focus of these strategies is on open communication between all levels of managers and employees.

    The Wal-Mart Corporation is well aware that working at their stores and in the corporate offices can get stressful. When employees have issues with time management, customer service, or managing tasks, they are encouraged to speak with their direct supervisor or with Human Resources. The open door policy encourages employees to express their concerns and to elicit feedback. If an employee doesn't feel like his direct supervisor has given an adequate response or solution, the company encourages moving up the chain of command and guarantees that its employees won't be ...

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    This solution highlights the human resources practices of Walmart, particularly how they help their employees manage stress.