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American differences: make us better problem solvers?

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1.Respond to the following question:
◦Do the many differences between people in the United States impede the functioning of the country? For example, do our differences make it difficult for us to agree upon solutions to major problems?
2.Provide at least two substantive reasons for your opinion.

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1. No, in fact I think it makes finding solutions much better because we can draw on a myriad of ideas and experiences, as well as knowledge to find appropriate and viable solutions. At times it may slow the process, but overall, we can gain more than we lose from taking as many of these suggestions and idea into account as possible.

2. Feeding people is one area where most people agree, there should be solutions found for as many people as possible and all children. For many years, the solutions came in food banks full of boxes and cans of processed foods such as whole meals in a box. The variety was the same ...

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A discussion on whether the differences in American's opinions hamper our ability to solve problems. This is an opinion. Examples are provided.

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