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Creative Intelligence and Group Work

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1. How do the different intelligence types do when they need to work together?
2. Do you become frustrated with others who don't look at the world as you do?
3. Where do you think our creative intelligence types come from? Are we born as a specific type or is it learned?
4. Do you think that we can change our creative intelligence style types or are we simply wired a certain way?
5. When working in a group is it better to have members all of the same type or is it better to mix the creative intelligence types?

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Creative Intelligence
Creative intelligence is an attribute that everyone has. Not everyone's creative intelligence is the same. Creative intelligence covers a wide variety of areas, not just artists and writers. Albert Einstein once stated: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid" (Ross, 2012). That being said, there is no doubt that an individual's creative intelligence is subject to the areas where the person is most at home.

Can People With Different Creative Genius Work Together
Every person has the unique ability to bring something to the table. As mentioned previously not everyone is an artist or a writer, but everyone has creative intelligence. One look at the masterful genius of Bill Gates will help to prove this important point. Bill Gates, however, did not work alone. In areas that he was deficient there were others who helped bring the ideas of Gates to life. The fact that people have different strengths and weaknesses is what makes teamwork so vitally important. Some have great ideas and can think outside of the box in mathematics, while others have great ability to creatively design packaging for the ideas in question. It is by ...

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The solution discusses creative intelligence and group work.

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