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    Emotional Intelligence of Teams

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    I have a paper to write and I need some starting information so I can start building upon it. Can you please help me with this task? Is it appropriate for a leader to spend time developing a team's emotional intelligence? What would be some advantages and disadvantages to this? If you have any sources, where I can find additional information that would help?

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    There are many advantages and disadvantages to developing emotional intelligence in a team. According to this article, http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/team-emotional-intelligence.htm, "Emotional Intelligence, also called EI, is partly the ability to recognize and control your own emotions, and understand what those emotions are telling you. EI also means that you can recognize the emotional wants and needs of others and respond appropriately." It is a necessary skill to help build trust, create a sense of identity, solve problems with others and cooperate/participate productively in a group. This is beneficial to leaders, in that employees are more willing to help each other and make new employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. It has been found that emotional intelligence has been tied to team cohesiveness. It has also shown that groups with high emotional intelligence work more quickly.

    To build emotional intelligence in your team, there are a few steps that should be followed. First, lead by example. When team members see the leader working to improve team cohesiveness, group members will get the idea. Second, communicate the benefits, i.e. the happier you are in ...

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    The development of emotional intelligence in teams. Advantages and disadvantages to building emotional intelligence.