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Nietzsche and the manifestations of the will to power

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Neitzsche and "Thus Spoke Zarathusra"
Describe the various ways in which the will to power manifest itself human beings.

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When Aristotle said that he who is not able to live socially will not be a human being but either a beast or a god, Nietzsche adds that he will be both, that is, a Philosopher. The purest form of the will to power for Nietzsche is Philosophy. This is what he says in Beyond Good and Evil, # 9. The will to power creates the world in its own image, it creates its own god! (See also Beyond Good and Evil #211).

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For Zarathustra, the Will to Power could be called the essence of life itself. He says that wherever he finds life there also he finds the Will to Power. "Where I found the living, there I found will to power; even in the will of those who serve I found the will to be master" (Z. II, "On Self Overcoming"). The will to power manifests itself in the human beings who create values. But in creating they also destroy. The will to power is Nietzsche's response to the nihilism that results from the death of God. This death could either lead to pessimism or open up positively to the will to power. (You need to read this chapter on self overcoming and compare it to the ...

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