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Plato & Nietzsche

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compare and contrast plato's and nietzsche's ideas about relations between the body and the soul(our spirit)

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You're in good hands here. I know both of these writers very well.

Nietzsche is a problem because he never presented a systematic philosophy. For this assignment, it is also a problem because Nietzsche never presented a comprehensive view of the relations between body and soul (or will, in his case).
For Plato, of course, that was the essence of his teaching.
As you know, I cannot do the paper for you, but let me give you a few ideas:
There is no "soul" in his work. There is however, a "will" which is the essence of a person.
The "body" as a physical thing, is really of ...

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The solution provides information, insight and information on the ideas proposed by classical thinker Plato and modern philosopher Nietzsche, in particular their ideas on the relationship between the body and the soul (spirit). The solution provides advise in comparing and contrasting said ideas.

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