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Plato & Nietzsche: reason

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describe plato's and nietzsche's views on the role of reason in human life. are there any similarities between plato's and neitzsche's views? Are there any differences?

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The solution provides insight and information and advise on the ideas of classical philosopher Plato and modern thinker Nietzsche on the topic of the role of reason in the conduct of living (human life).

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The role of reason in the minds of these two men are similar to the idea of the body. We've covered this in the other set of points I gave you.

Relative to the reason, however, we have several more concepts to worry about:

1. There is no reason. There is only power. At best, reason is used after the fact to justify what the powerful want.

2. Reason is not a fixed thing. There are no eternal truths for reason to "fix" itself upon. The superior use the will to recreate reality. This reality then generates truth.

3. Reason is that part of the human person that looks at what the powerful have created (called "culture) and takes ...

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