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Tacit Knowledge

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Referring to the literature on organizational epistemology, what do you understand by the term "tacit knowledge" and why might it be reckoned to be important within contemporary organizational theory?

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Tacit Knowledge and Organizational Theory

What is tacit knowledge? Simply put, tacit knowledge is knowledge that cannot be so easily transferred or taught either just by reading or writing. For example, when you are given a list of the varied ingredients for a particular dish and a written-down recipe - that is explicit knowledge. You can learn it by reading. Now, chefs and cooks have a way of doing things. In order to learn this specific knowledge, aspiring cooks apprentice with expert cooks or go to culinary schools to learn tacit knowledge - something that can only be learned by immersing one's self into a particular culture, into a way of seeing and doing things. Still, it is difficult to transfer and requires regularized internationalization and practice. As another example, consider martial arts. We see it performed; we can read about its principles. But the kind of knowledge and expertise that come with being a master can only come via living and breathing martial arts, ...

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