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Trigonometry : Solve the Triangle

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Solve the triangle, if possible.
B = 24.4°
C = 102.9°
b = 38.62

Which is the correct answer?

A = 50.7°, a = 93.13, c = 76.37

A = 50.7°, a = 91.13, c = 74.37

A = 52.7°, a = 76.37, c = 93.13

A = 52.7°, a = 74.37, c = 91.13

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A triangle is solved. The solution received a rating of "5" from the student who posted the question.

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From the sin law we have:
a/sin(A)= b/sin(B)= c/sin(C)

b=38.62 and B=24.4 and C=102.9, ...

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