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    Determine the remaining sides and angles of ABC

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    Angle B = 18.7degrees
    angle C = 124.1degrees
    one side of the triangle AC=94.6m.
    use the law of sines to solve the triangle involving SAA. a/sinA=b/sinB
    substituting the known values given
    b=94.6 sin124.1/sin18.7
    b=? Can you help me did I set it up right?

    find C from the fact that the sum of the angles of any triangle is 180degrees.
    use the law of sines again to find c please help!
    did I set it up right can you please help me finish.

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    Solution. First, we know that A=180-B-C=180-18.7-124.1=37.2 degrees. Then by the ...

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    The remaining sides and angles of ABC are determined.