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    Geometry : Polygons and Geoboards

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    26. On a sheet of dot paper or on a geoboard like the one shown, create the following:
    a. Right angle
    b. Acute angle
    c. Obtuse angle
    1. Adjacent angles
    e. Parallel segments
    1. lntersecting segments

    Draw three different nonconvex polygons. When you walk around a polygon, at each vertex you need to turn either right (clockwise) or left (counterclockwise). A turn to the left is measured by a positive number of degrees and a turn to the right by a negative number of degrees. Find the sum ot the measures of the turn angles of the polygons you drew. Assume you start at a vertex facing in the direction of a side, walk anxind the polygon, and end up am the same vertex facing in the same direction as when you started.

    A diagonal of a prism is any segment determined by two vertices that do not lie in the same face, as shown in the following figure.
    Complete the folltwing table showing the total number of diagonals for various prisms:

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