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Translating Expressions and Equations

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1. The sum of twice a number and three

2. Twice the sum of a number and three

3. The difference of 37 and 4 times a number

4.The total of five times a number and ten is three

5. Twenty-one s the quotient of three times a number and seven

6. There were roses in the vase. Joan cut some more roses from her flower garden. There are now 14 roses in the vase. How many roses did she cut?

7. Keith bought a soft drink for 3 dollars and 7 candy bars. He spent a total of 31 dollars. How much did each candy bar cost?

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This solution explains how to translate words/sentences to expressions and equations.

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Let the number be x

The expression will be


Answer: 2x+3


Let the number be x

The expression will be


Answer: 2(x+3)


Let the number be x

The expression will be


Answer: 37-4x


Let the number be x

The equation will be

5x+10 = 3

Answer: 5x+10 = 3


Let the number be x

The ...

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