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Algebraic terms

I need examples for the following

1 example for solving general linear equations
1 example for translating verbal expression into algebraic expression
1 example for the addition and multiplication properties of equality
1 example of a formula

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Example for solving general linear equations:

A linear equation will have one variable. Most teachers start with "x". They will give examples like x=5 or x=17. Those are linear equations that are already solved. To solve a linear equation, you go one step back. For example:

x + 5 = 7 (this is a general linear equation tha you can solve)
Solving means getting the x (or whatever letter) on one side and the numbers on the other. To do this, you always to the same thing to both sides. Here, if we take five away from both sides we would end up with just x on the left and 2 on the right. You ...

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The following posting helps with algebra problems. This solution provides an example of solving an equation, writing an expression, using properties of equality, and a formula.