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Polynomials and Scientific Notation

Need the attached six (6) problems solved, so that I can then solve other similar problems. Instructions are in the attached word document.

Subtracting polynomials. Show all steps in arriving at the answer.

a. (t^2 - 6t + 7) - (5t^2 - 3t - 2)

Multiplying polynomials. Show all steps in arriving at the answer.

b. Swimming space. The length of a rectangular swimming pool is 2x - 1 meters, and the width is x + 2 meters. Write a polynomial that represents the area. Find the area if x is 5 meters.

Use the FOIL method to find each product.
c. (5y^3w^2 + z)(2y^3w^2 + 3z)

Write each expression in the form

quotient + divisor

d. 2x^2 + 4
Simplify each expression. The answer should be an integer or a fraction.

e. 3

Write answer using the rules of exponents with scientific notation. Perform computation. Write the answer in scientific notation.

f. 1 * 10^ -8
4 * 10^7

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